June 29, 2020

Top Best Highest Quality Saffron In India 2022

Top Best Highest Quality Saffron 2022

Topic:- Top Best Highest Quality Saffron 2022



1. Shalimar Organic Saffron Pure Kashmir Kesar / Saffron

Top Best Highest Quality Saffron

  • Shalimar Saffron offers world’s most potent authentic saffron from the beautiful fields of Pampore, Kashmir, India. Naturally Grown and Hand Harvested.
  • It’s packed in air tight jars and comes with resealable bag which preserves its properties for longer time as compared with glass jars. Shalimar Saffron is tested not only in India but by various countries FDA’s to whom we export. Our color power is more than 260+, Flavour, Aroma exceeds ISO3632 standard of Grade A1++.
  • No Added Color, Flavour, Preservatives. All Red Long Threads Kashmir Saffron is better than Saffron of other countries notably Afghani, Irani, Spanish Saffron.
  • Saffron is natural antioxidant which provides various Health benefits both to men and women. An excellent source for fair glowing radiant skin. A perfect choice for pregnant women. In addition Saffron is used in Exotic Food Products, Gourmet, Ayurvedic uses.
  • Saffron Threads needs to be dipped for atleast 30minutes preferably in hot water before use. Customers are advised to follow instructions mentioned on the pack. Original Saffron will never dissolve in water or milk a common myth.



2. Veda Pure Natural Premium A++ Grade Kashmiri Saffron/Kesar

Top Best Highest Quality Saffron

  • It comes straight from a small family farm that has been harvesting saffron for 5 generations. We have an agreement with them for buying 35Kg of Saffron per year for next two years. So we have limited quality to sale and that is why expensive.
  • We stand for quality, integrity and hygiene. We don’t believe in preservatives and that is why certain Top notch Ayurveda and Herbal practitioner rely only on us
  • West of Kashmir Which has an Ideal Climate & Rich Soil for Growing Saffron (Packed in a Beautiful Airtight Fully Sealed Jar in India )
  • 100% Pure Saffron, All-Red Saffron, Harvested by Hand, Naturally Dried for Maximum shelf life. Triple Inspected to ensure only Fine Red Saffron Threads are included and packed.
  • Because of its premium packaging and unmatched flavor. It is great for Gifting purpose in occasions like Diwali and Wedding etc.



3. VedaPure Natural & Pure A++ Grade Spanish Saffron /Kesar

Top Best Highest Quality Saffron

  • Imported from Spain in Original Packing. Saffron does not contain any additive, and any natural or artificial colorant adding
  • It adds richness, aroma, taste in food like milk, sweets, biryani and ice-creams
  • Highly in vitamins and gives medicinal value for pregnant women, infants and works as a beauty enhancer for skin
  • Store in a clean dry place room temperature preferably wooden closet or fridge




Top Best Highest Quality Saffron



SaffronOld World crocus having purple or white flowers with aromatic pungent orange stigmas used in flavoring foodMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)



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